New Titles for Fall 2017

New Canadian Champion!!


Can Ch. Koliako’s Simply Bodacious, owned by Kornelia Koban

CKC Ch. earned recently

New Cwags Scent Detection Title!!


Ch. Davenloch Koliako Thunderstruk, CGN, HIC, BPDX, CV, RE, CRNMCL, CW-SP, PTS, NI, owned by Kornelia Koban

CW-SP earned recently

New Grand Champion, Canine Good Citizen, and Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Tricks Titles!!



GCH Ch. Nirvana's Sunshines Ghost Rider, owned by Ann-Marie Ely

GCH, CGC, TKN, TKI, TKA earned recently

New Scent Detection Master Champion, Can. Rally Advanced & Rally Excellent Titles!!



ATChC, SD-MACH, AWCA-VCH, Am./Can.Ch Sunnland’s Blame It On Rio, Can. (CDX, HSs, HTd, AgXS, AgXJS, XPS, RE, CGN), PT, OAC, OJC, WV-O, TN-O, NCC, TG-N, HP-N, NVA, owned by Marilyn Clayton

SD-MACH, RA, & RE earned recently

New Exteriors Novice & Containers Novice Scent Work Titles, & Novice, Intermediate, & Advanced Trick Dog Titles!!


Holmhaven Midnight Sun, BN, RN, CGC, TKA, NW1, L1C, SF1, SOG, DOG, EN, CN, ,RATO, BPDX, VC, owned by Cindy Stratton

EN & CN earned July 2017; TKN, TKI, TKA earned Aug. 2017

New Novice Trick, Backpacking Dog Excellent, & AWCA Versatile Companion Titles!!



Ch. Tapestry Aspen Gold, BPDX, TKN, CGC, VC, owned by Chuck Crone

TKN, BPDX, & VC earned recently

New Rally Advanced and Therapy Dog Titles!!



Allstar's Littlest Tornado Annie Bananie, CD, RA, THD, RATM, SOC I, CGC, VC, owned by Terry Dalla Valle

RA earned July 2017; THD earned Sept. 2017

New Master Agility Champion & CPE CL-3 Titles!!




ALCH VCH MACH Millknock’s Back In Black, BN, RE RL3X(AOE), HT, JHD, MXS, MJG, MXF, T2B, CL-3, BPDX, CC, CGC, owned by Andrea Moss

MACH earned Sept. 2017; CL-3 earned Oct. 2017

New AKC Champion, Grand Champion, Preferred Novice Titles!!



GCH VCH Mountainside Beulah Land, CD, BN, PCD, RAE, RNP, HSAs, MJP2, MJPB, MXP3, MXPB, OFP, RL-1/Ex, TT, THDX, TDIAOV, BPGW, SOC III, MVC-Q, AOM II, owned by Joany White

Ch., GCH, PCD earned recently

New Beginner Novice Title!!


Mountainside He Loves Me!, BN, RN2, PT, BPD, SOC I, VC, pointed, owned by Joany White

BN earned recently

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