New Titles for Summer 2021


New Herding Tested Title!!


Halcyon Days Victory Song, HT, CGC, TKN, owned by Nancy Pearson

HT earned recently



New Rally Novice Title!!


Ryder Seajay Essence of Jasmine, RN, TKN, owned by Joan Scialdone

RN earned recently



New Scent Work Advanced, Excellent Containers, Excellent Exteriors Titles!!


HC RACH Blu Ridge Justified "Raylan", UD, PCDX, BN, GN, GO, RM2, RAE3, HSAd, HSDs, HIAd, HIBd, HIDs, HSAsM, HIAsM, HXAdMsM, HXBdM, HTCH, HRD-IIIs, HTD-IIs, HTAD-IIIsd, RLF-IIIs, ATDsd, SWA, SCE, SEE, TKA, ATT, owned by Sandy Getz

SWA, SCE, SEE earned recently



New Companion Dog Excellent & Scentwork Novice Titles!!


Millknock-Kelso Written In The Stars, CDX, PCD, BN, RE, HSBds, HSDs, HIAds, HIBd, HSAdMsM, HTAD-Isd, OTDsd, DCAT, SWN, SIN, CGCA, TKI, owned by Sandy Getz

CDX, SCN earned recently


New Scent Work Interior Advanced Title!!



RACH Skydancer's Diamond In The Rough, CDX, PCDX, BN, GN, GO, RM2, RAE2, HSAd, HSBd, HIAds, HSAsM, HXAdM, HTAD-IIsd, RLF-Is, HRD-IIs, OTDsd, BCAT, SWN, SCA, SIA, RATN, CGCA, TKA, owned by Sandy Getz

SIA earned recently


New BFastCat Title!!



Owned by Kelli Carpenter

BCAT earned April



New DFastCat & Coursing Ability Excellent Titles!!


Owned by Kelli Carpenter

DCAT, CAX earned recently


New Champion!!



Ch. Halcyon Days Ewe, March, RN, HT, TKN, CGC, owned by Eileen Mason & Megan Elfrink

CH earned May


New Scentwork Novice Title!!



GCH Ch. RACH Halcyon Days The Forth Be With Ewe, CD, RM3, RAE3, HSAsd, SWN, THD, TKP, CGCA, CCA VX, AWCA SOC 1, VCX, owned by Kim Broster

SWN earned June


New Coursing Ability Advanced and Novice Jumpers Preferred Titles!!



Mountainside Takin' The Love Train, BN, TD, RI, RNPairs, PTsd, FDC, NJP, NFP, FCAT, CAA, CGCA, CGCU, TKA, ATT, MVC-Q, VCX, ptd., owned by Joany White

CAA, NJP earned recently



New Rally Novice, Canine Good Citizen, S.T.A.R Puppy, & Novice Trick Dog Titles!!


Mountainside Mistletoe From Aryggeth, RN, CGC, TKN, STAR Puppy, ptd., owned by Joany White

RN, CGC, S.T.A.R. Puppy, TKN earned recently


New Herding Started D Course Title!!



Ch. Ability’s Brianna The Maid, HSAs, HSDs


New Herding Advanced D Course Title!!


Ability’s Bad To The Bone, HXAs, HXD

Owned by Linda Holloway

HSDs, HXDs earned April







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New Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, & Expert Trick, CKC Scent Detection Open & Double Odour Games Titles!!



SD-MACH, ATChC, VCH, Am/Can.Ch. Sunnland’s Blame It On Rio, owned by Marilyn Clayton

All titles earned recently


New Herding Instinct Certification!!



Owned by Gloria Laube

HIC earned July, 2019


New Advance Container, Advance Interior, & Advanced Tricks Titles!!



Allstar's Littlest Tornado Annie Bananie, CD, RA, FDC, SWN, SCA, SIA, SHDN, THD, RATCHX2, CZ8P, CGC, TKA, VCX, owned by Terry Dalla Valle

SCA & SIA earned November 2019; TKA earned October 2019


New Herding Champion Title!!



HC Riverside Seawaif Spinnaker, PCD, BN, HXAds, CGC, owned by Anne Robinson

HC earned October 2019


New Herding Advanced A Sheep Title!!



Riverside Celtic Celebration, UD, BN, HXAs, CAA, HRD-Ig, CGC, VC, owned by Judy Cummings

HXAs earned October 2019


New Advanced Draft Dog, Nosework Level 1 Exteriors Titles, & Farm Dog Certification!!



Owned by Dena Campbell

ADD, FDC earned November 2019; Level 1 Exteriors earned December 2019


New Canine Good Citizen Certification!!



Taliesin Fantasy Slumber Party. owned by Sharon Pflaumer

CGC earned November 2019


New Rally Master 7 & Rally Advanced Excellent 5 Titles!!

[photo of Boone & Beulah]


GCH RACH VCH Mountainside Beulah Land, VCD1, CD, BN3, PCD, TD, HSAsd, MXPB, MXP3, MJPB, MJP2, OFP, BPDX, TKP, SOCIII, TT, TDIAOV, THDX, CGCA, CGCU, FDC, WCN, RL-1/AOE, RNPairs3, RM7, RAE5, NDD, NDD-V, AOMII, MVC-Q, GV-Q, Achiever Dog, OFA, Champion of Health, owned by Joany White

New Tracking Dog Title & Therapy Dogs International Certification!!


Mountainside Takin' The Love Train, BN, TD, PT, RI, TKI, CGCA, CGCU, FDC, TDI, VC, ptd., owned by Joany White

Titles earned Fall 2019


New Backpacking Dog & Backpacking Dog Excellent Titles!!

[2 photos]


Scarborough’s Summer Lovin’, RN, BPDX, owned by Suzy Sarna

BPD, BPDX earned recently