Stock work


    HC ALCH U-CD U-R01 Rosehaevens Golden Treasure, BN, CD, RAE, HXAsMdM, HXBd, HIBdM, HIAsMdM, HSAsd, HSBdMs, HTAD1s, CL-1  "Brynlee," owned by Carol Dunton




U-CH U-R02 Rosehaevens Without Warning, BN, CD, RAE2, HIAsd, HSAsMd, HSBdM, HTAD1s   "Blitzen," owned by Carol Dunton

Ch. MACH2 Riverrun Wyndhams Dream Girl, CDX, TDX, HIAsd, RE, GVA     "Gabby," owned by Michelle Shoemaker   



LegendHold Two If By Sea, CDX, AJP, HC, BPDX, SOC I, CGC, VC   "Jib," owned by Anne Robinson







 Rob Roy Star Keepsake, CD, RN, HC, TT, CGC   "Shamus," owned by Cindy Dorsten 




Riverside Seawaif Spinnaker, BN, HSAs, CGC   "Kite," owned by Anne Robinson



PACH Moore's Alainn Aoife, RAE, HSAs, MX, MXJ, MXPB, MJP5, MJPS, PAX, XF, XFP, VX  CCA shining star award recipient 2013, "Kenzie," owned by Alicia & Thomas Moore



Winterfire's Storm CD CGC STDs  "Storm" is owned & trained by Karen Palmquist

Harley finishing her HSCh Montara Beyond The Blue Neon HS TT CGC AOM and therapy dog    "Harley" finishing her HS. She is owned & trained by Becky Henson.

   Sully's Oreo Blizzard OA OAJ, "Sully" giving direction to a flock of goats.   Owned by Amy Kleine. 

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