Rescued Hearts by Kathleen Parsons



Taking care of rescue dogs

Is something I do best.

I know because I've done it,

And I've surely passed the test.



The dogs I've bathed, the food I've fed,

The vacuuming I've done,

And all to watch a frightened soul

Sit dreaming in the sun.



My own dogs I've neglected,

But I tell them everyday

That I love and cherish each of them

Though a new dog's come to stay.



I know they understand this,

For in their eyes I see

The love that I have given them

Come shining back at me.



Some people think I'm crazy,

Some others think I'm great.

But very few can understand

What really is at stake.



If I can love and help a dog

To find a better way,

My own life is much richer,

I look forward to each day.



So now you know my secret,

It's there for all to see,

The love I give, the life I save,

I do it all for me.

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