Collie Color and Coat Variations

AWCA Collie Rescue has prepared a full color chart of the 4 colors and 2 coat types of pure-bred Collies. While everyone recognizes "Lassie", a rough sable Collie, most people do not know that pure-bred Collies can have a different appearance than Lassie. They might identify these as "collie mixes" and not bring them to the attention of collie rescue.

Please distribute these pages to your local animal shelter. There are two versions:

One - page version: This may need some cutting and pasting depending on your printer. The final product will be the same as a legal-sized sheet of paper. You can laminate it, and add a reverse side with local Collie rescue information.

Two-page version: Each page will fit on regular 8.5x11 inch paper. The two pages can be laminated separately or back to back.

Page 1: Sables and Tri-colors

Page 2: Merles and Whites



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